Here is a good example of the types of crazy fabrication DTI takes on!! We recently had a challenge come across our plate, that was worth telling everyone about. I had a customer looking to haul a forklift like the one below the F-650 pictures. The biggest hangup was trying to haul a 13,000lbs machine on an under CDL truck and not go over weight. Before stopping here, he had been told that it wasn’t possible. DTI’s Fabrication department sat down and performed numerous calculations with the steel provider, and the customer, to come up with this unique “skeleton” bed, fitted with lights, a hitch, and a few pairs of D-rings. The chassis was light enough, but strong enough to handle the lift, and turned out really nice. The customer is going to build his own ramps to get the lift on, and was very happy with the end result. Thanks for looking!

Roman Carson