So as a truck dealer in the state of Colorado, or any state at that, the battle to sell trucks and understand the laws at the same time can get very tricky.  I encountered a situation yesterday that put me on my heels, and I felt it very relevant to share.  In the state of Colorado, on a single axle truck you are only allowed 20,000 lbs per axle.  On a tandem axle truck you are only allowed  18,000 per axle.  Even if you have a truck that is rated at 33,000lbs GVWR (12K Front, and 21K rear) you are only allowed to have 20,000Lbs pushing down on the rear, and of course only 12,000 on the front. Same goes for the tandems. Even if you have 40K rear axles on a tandem or bigger, they can not exceed 18,000lbs per axle. Each state is different, and it seems to be at the ports that they check these weights closely.  There are exceptions to these rules, so check into your secretary of state, division of motor vehicles to make sure you are compliant.  Thanks for reading, and have a safe weekend!

Roman Carson

Link To Colorado Department Of Revenue, Axle Weight Limits Article <–For Colorado Drivers