Just this past May I had the pleasure of working with a local tree, lawn and landscaping business, that needed a large dump body for roughly 30 yards of tree debris. I had a Kenworth T-300 with a 33K GVWR, and a 250Hp Caterpillar diesel engine, that had all the right specs, just a little bit too long of a wheel base for the body. The following pictures walk through the process of making this truck what it is for it’s second life!  Keep Scrolling down and reading for more info.
As a cab and chassis we needed to roll the axle forward 32″ and had the drive shaft sent out to be resized and balanced. After securing the axle in place, the frame was cut to the proper length where the bed pivots would be mounted. A brand new Venco hydraulic hoist was installed, along with a new PTO and pump with a hot shift set up.

Wheelbase Modification

Installation Of The Bed Pivots

The bed started off from a fresh pile of steel on the ground. DTI East constructed the 18’L deck first using a smooth steel for the floor, because the customer wanted the material to be able to slide freely off the truck. Next the sides were constructed right on the truck cut piece by piece, welded into place, and lined with sheets of smooth steel. We installed a cross member in the rear because the sides were so tall it needed a little support. It was also where we mounted the latches for the cam locks to keep those big doors shut!  18’L x 96″W x 6’H Sides

The bed then went into out paint booth to be primed and painted with a nice hard coat of black paint. After 2 days in the booth the bed was rolled out and lifted on to the Kenworth chassis. The pivots were welded into place, and the hoist was welded to the body. Because the bed was so tall we couldn’t paint the under body in the booth. We had to lift the bed up and shoot the under body in the main shop.

Initial Mount

Under Body Paint

Finished Product!

We tied up all the loose ends, installed lights and chains, and it was shipped back over to the West store for delivery. The customer came and picked up the truck, and was very happy with the construction!!! Thanks for reading!!

Roman Carson
DTI Trucks