Now that winter is here the team we want to make sure everyone stays safe on the road with these winter truck and driving tips: 

  • Allow three times more space than usual. Avoid driving in packs
  • Watch for melting or hard-packed snow and side winds
  • Don’t assume your truck can handle all conditions; even with four or all wheel drive, you can still get in trouble on the road.
  • Don’t ask your truck to do more than it can.
  • Plug in the engine block heater on all diesel trucks each night-even when the temperature feels warm.
  • Time is the enemy. The longer a trucks sits, the more crucial it is to plug it in!
  • Avoid cold soaks. Cold soaks occur when the engine fluids and the steel of the engine block drop to the ambient temperatures. When a vehicle sits for more than a day, cold soaks are likely to occur. This puts extra strain on the batteries and starting and charging systems.
  • Be sure that the vehicle is at normal operating temperature when you plug in your block heater. Block heaters maintain temperature;they are not designed to heat coolant from ambient temperatures.
  • When fueling be sure to get a correctly blended fuel with a cloud point additive to prevent fuel filter waxing.
  • Check your tires often. Freezing temperatures usually result in slippery driving conditions and having correctly inflated tires in good condition will help prevent breakdowns and accidents.
  • Ease up on bridges and be careful on overpasses and infrequently used roads, these are the ones that freeze up first.
  • Don’t pass snowplows or sanders on the road, they have limited visibility.